Mutton Lazeez Shami kebab


Shami Kebab is a delicious snack in Hyderabad cuisine. This shami kebab recipe is made with mutton, although shami kebabs can also be vegetarian. Lamb kebabs are perfect for homemade dinners, and they are perfect with appetizers. your choice. Fry the Shami Kebab in a pan until golden brown on all sides. Order Lamb Shami Kebab online and it will be delivered to your home.Order mutton Shami kebab online and they will be delivered to your home.

Net Weight : 300gm
Gross Weight : N/A
Piece : 6

The Kukruku way
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  • Scientifically designed central production Unit
  • Compliance to stringent quality checks
  • Delivered fresh everyday
  • Experience extraordinary cooking

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